Canvassing has been proven to be THE MOST EFFECTIVE method of increasing voter turnout (with an average 4-5% increase). This is done in pairs, so you are not out there alone. Canvassing is an activity done before primaries to get Democrats out to vote (usually not candidate specific) and, then before the general elections to get specific Democrats elected. It is an extremely rewarding experience and everyone will bring back a story that touched them during their canvass.

Canvassing training is available either in advance or on the day you will be canvassing. Since you will be canvassing out of our district, you will be paired with a local or given focused orientations to acquaint you with local issues and techniques. Key elements for implementing a successful canvassing experiences are reviewed, including role-playing various scenarios. Also, you will know exact information about the houses you will be approaching such as names, genders, ages, and party affiliations of everyone in the home through the app you will use for canvassing called PDI.

For the upcoming elections, members will be focusing on the CA congressional districts that we flipped in 2018 by narrow margins, like Orange County and District 10 for Josh Harder in Modesto area, and we will add District 22 (Devin Nunes’ district around Fresno). This canvassing may/will require overnight stays but MUCH fun is had by all!!! Some locals even provide housing for us. A few of our more adventurous members, may want to journey to AZ or other states before 2020 elections to help canvass there.

Please contact Ashley Rabun ( for further information.

Northern CA Opportunities for canvassing

VOTER ENGAGEMENT TRAINING is available on line at

Check with Field Team 6 for upcoming canvassing to register voters

If you’re on the fence about canvassing, check out this Press Democrat article on the impact Sonoma County volunteers—many from Indivisible chapters—had in 2018. We swung Orange County blue…no mean feat. And we had a blast doing it!


Neil canvassing near Sacramento.

Neil canvassing near Sacramento.