Canvassing involves knocking on doors and speaking directly to voters. This is generally done in pairs, so you are not out there alone. Right now, efforts are primarily directed at getting folks registered and/or giving them information about upcoming elections and possible candidates. Once California’s primary season ends in June, you might choose to help support a particular candidate or issue.

Canvassing training is available either beforehand or on the day you’ll be canvassing. If you’re traveling to another district, you’ll likely be teamed with a local, or given focused orientations at the site to acquaint you with local issues and techniques. We only recommend canvassing actions that are generated by local groups in that particular district.

The Sonoma County Democratic Party recently offered canvassing training for Indivisible and Sister District members, and more of these great sessions are planned. (We’ll share information on this website and via our newsletter as dates and venues are firmed up.) The training includes both experienced and inexperienced canvassers, which contributes to the richness of the workshop. Key elements for implementing a successful canvassing experience are reviewed, including role-playing various scenarios.

Northern CA Opportunities for canvassing

VOTER ENGAGEMENT TRAINING is available on line at

Check with Field Team 6 for upcoming canvassing to register voters


Neil canvassing near Sacramento.

Neil canvassing near Sacramento.