Healdsburg Indivisible is an active participant in flipping our government from red to blue—not only the Presidency , but also the House, Senate and statehouses across our country. We worked hard to flip multiple districts within CA in 2018 and we will build on this success for both 2019 special races and 2020!

We are aligned with several other progressive organizations to actively participate in successfully taking back our democracy.

We are partnering with Swing Left through their local chapter of Swing Left Sonoma County to focus our members’ efforts on the 11 Super States they are targeting. The Super States are states where there is a good chance of taking back the Presidency, the Senate, and State Houses (important in heavily gerrymandered states). These states are: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas. For 2020, we will also be focusing on the CA house seats we flipped in 2018 by small margins AND will be adding Devin Nunes’ District 22 to the list. We are working with Sister District on some state races in order to work to undo gerrymandering in certain key states, like VA and PA.

Our goal is to involve our members in key races through postcard writing, text- and phone-banking, canvassing, key race fundraising, and voter registration and mobilization. Members can participate in and learn more about these activities at our monthly Mingle to Make a Difference gatherings, which are held on the second Thursday of the month at St. Paul’s Church Hall. We will resume weekly action meetings as we get closer to 2020!