As suggested by the name, this action involves calling voters directly. The call list is generated by a campaign or a specific political group (such as the NAACP). You might be calling Democrats only, or voters in both parties. Presently, calls are aimed at finding out what issues are important to voters in their district. Many campaigns need help with “get out the vote” efforts and as specific candidates are selected they want help contacting supporters for town halls, canvassing, and other actions. Phone-banking can be done as a fun group activity. Alternatively, one can do it on your own time at home. There are phone-banking training opportunities that we will let you know about as they become available.

We have phone-banking opportunities available on several different issues for 2019 special elections for Congress and for important state races. One focus will be to work with the Reclaim Our Vote project of the Center for Common Ground to call disenfranchised voters in states where voter suppession has been, and still is, an issue.

The latest information of what is available will be detailed in our monthly Mingle to Make a Difference newsletters.

For more information on phone-banking, please contact Ashley Rabun,