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Do you have a computer, laptop, smartphone, or iPad? If so, you are ready to text-bank!  First-time text-banking is best done with an experienced leader, so we’ll be scheduling training sessions in Healdsburg and in Santa Rosa.

Campaigns use different programs for doing this, but know that your personal information and phone number are not revealed. Once signed up with a campaign, a list of voters will be sent to you with a pre-scripted first message. Send it with a click, then wait for replies. They generally come via email; you access the program and pick from a list of recommended replies. Sometimes a voter reply is unique enough that you’ll want to frame your own response, and there is a mechanism to do this. Experience to date has shown excellent support from the campaign should you need help with any part of the process. As with our other actions, we choose campaigns that match the progressive values of Indivisible Healdsburg. 

TEXT-BANKING OPPORTUNITIES: Sign up for texting opportunities at Resistance Labs or check the Resistance Labs slack channel.