As suggested by the name, this action involves calling voters directly. The call list is generated by a campaign or a specific political group (such as the NAACP). You might be calling Democrats only, or voters in both parties. Presently, calls are aimed at finding out what issues are important to voters in their district. Many campaigns need help with “get out the vote” efforts and as specific candidates are selected they want help contacting supporters for town halls, canvassing, and other actions. Phone-banking can be done as a fun group activity. Alternatively, one can do it on your own time at home. There are phone-banking training opportunities that we will let you know about as they become available.

Request for help in last 100 days before midterm election:

From Claudia Norby of Indivisible SoCo:

Here’s an extremely easy, but quite important, phone bank that you can do for even 10 or 15 minutes now and again. Or, equally important, you might know someone who would be interested - especially if they're stuck inside!

In Virginia, even though they voted in recent elections, 12,000 people are now among the 170,000 "inactive voters" who will need to re-register to vote in November. The Virginia NAACP has asked for help to let voters of color who are on the inactive list know.  The website gives you the phone numbers and scripts and resources to let the person check their status and register to vote online.  The hard part is that you rarely reach an actual person, but they say that even that is helpful in terms of updating their database. 

In Virginia, there are something like 150 races at the state and federal levels and so a small number of voters could affect an outcome. 

You can check it out further at  There is a 3-minute video telling you how to get logged on and showing their format, etc. They are also conducting phone banks in Georgia, Texas and Alabama.  

There's also a weekly phone call on Zoom and I would be glad to email you the information about it as well.   

Thanks,   Claudia –

p.s. Here's a link to a recent Mother Jones article on voter suppression and the things being put into effect (especially since the Supreme Court's decision gutting the Voting Rights Act) to disenfranchise voters.  "Voters are being deleted from the rolls at a significantly higher rate than they were a decade ago, creating the possibility that an increasing number of citizens will be disenfranchised in the 2018 midterm elections and beyond. According to a new study from the Brennan Center for Justice, nearly 4 million more names were deleted […]"